Elan Cafe- Is It Worth The Hype?

If you’re a Londoner, then you have either been to a branch of Elan Cafe or have come across one of these Instagrammable Cafes in London.

Every influencer and blogger boasts about Elan Cafe, but is it really worth the hype?

With an extensive menu and a variety of choice ranging from smoothies, milkshakes and coffee to a menu dedicated to desserts, there is something for everyone at Cafe Elan – healthy options include the Acai breakfast bowl or the Courgette and Halloumi Fries. Their cakes all look so so beautiful but “Looks can be deceiving”
Though Elan Cafe serve pretty, Instagrammable dishes, we are not sure we can say that that the quality and taste of the food is up to the same standard. The food served is tasteless and bland.

We came to the conclusion that Elan Cafe is only meant to take pretty pictures for Instagram, otherwise honestly guys, SAVE YOUR MONEY. The cafe is overhyped and and pricey.

In a recent Facebook Poll we asked everyone which restaurant/cafe according to them was overhyped and 95% replied: Cafe Elan.

Here’s hoping they read this and actually do something about their food.