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10 Signs You’re From Islamabad


By Naima Zahin

Yep… I’m from Islamabad (Pakistan), born and raised. And if you are from Isloo, (often referred to as City of The Dead) here are a few things I bet you can relate to:
1.Chaaye Khaana is your go to place-for breakfast/lunch/dinner…overpriced Bun Kebabs, we’re not complaining!

chaaye khana
2.We all have at least one Aunt that loves being part of Imran Khan’s dharnas- He’s like The Mick Jagger of Pakistan. The ladies love him! Go Nawaz Go, comes naturally to you!

imran khan
3.We all automatically refer to Uzair Jaswal or Hamza Ali Abbasi as our “friends”- its only fair, the guys are from Isloo right? Or they are friends of a friend of a friend. Same thing!

hamza ali abasi
4.We get very defensive when people from other cities call ours a dead one- Puh-leeze!! You gotta come hang out with us. We’ll show ya! (Just keep in mind my curfew is 10pm.)

5.We love Rezz – He keeps Isloo alive! What would launch parties be without him?

6.Pir Suhawa- ’nuff said!

islamabad night view
7. You’re either a photographer or a fashion designer- (Or you know a few) I have two fashion designers sitting at my own place, which reminds me-hope my clothes are ready apaaa!

8. A mandatory round of Jinnah Super –never gets old! Whether its your tailor or peeko waala, dyer or the yummylicious street food of Gol Market, A trip to good ol’ Jinnah Super is way better than going to Centaurus!

food street
9. You cringe when someone calls Defence a part of Islamabad– Anything beyond I-8 is Pindi! Kthanksbye!

10. You love Rain– not just any rain, Islamabad Rain! Isloo is beautiful as it is but OMG the city looks breathtakingly gorgeous after it rains. The awesome view of Margalla Hills, the greenery, time for Chaye and Pakoras!
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