Ladies this is the right time to dig out your hair straighteners because, well, the poker straight hair have made a comeback!

While tousled waves, surface, and the frizz have ruled recently, yet we’ve spotted stick-straight strands both on and off the runway being liked just as much. The awesome thing about this hair pattern is that, in spite of being super-simple to imitate, is the ideal accomplice for balancing a striking look which is why, this is our favorite this season.

All you need to follow this trend is the good old hair straightener – that’s it!

Remember the time back in early 2000s when poker straight was the hottest trend. Everybody was so obsessed with their scalp surface, that they began to synthetically treat their hair to get stick straight strands. After that came shaggy cuts and wispy dos.

Celebrities these days are rocking their poker straight hair with their long and straight bolts. So now it your time to up your style game by getting this perfect poker straight hair look, here is a step by step guide that you must follow:


The initial phase is to put your hair on the straight and thin by washing it with straightening shampoos and conditioners. Utilizing a cleanser and conditioner to smooth the hair skin and control any frizz that is holding up to unleash your straight hair strands. These smoothing items will likewise get your poker straight hair looking overwhelmingly smooth and gleaming, as well.


When you have finished step one of our ‘how to get poker straight hair’ control, apply a straightening cream to towel-dried locks-sift through and blow dry to secure in the straightening item. Likewise, in case you’re going for the entire Chloe-propelled look, then it’s best to part your hair into a middle separating now, so that your tresses fall into the correct position.


Once your hair is completely dry, part and clasp your hair into sensible segments, prepared to be straightened with your personal favorite straightener or flatiron. At that point, take far reaching areas of your hair to straighten. To make the small hair slant, ensure that you are straightening from root to tip to get the underlying foundations of your hair as level as feasible for poker straight hair.


In conclusion, complete your poker straight hairstyle by moistening your perfectly falling hair to add the garnishing. This lightweight splash of any sleek spray will control any flyaways and keep your poker straight bolts searching smooth and polished for quite a long time, till the very end actually!

Celebs like Bella Hadid and Rihanna, have exchanged waves and twists for super-straight hair, without a moment to spare for the cooler climate, when moistness won’t torment a flat-ironed mane. So decide on your plan of action for your hair and get going!

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