How To Wear Track Pants Like A Pro in 2017

Let’s get one thing clear – Fashion’s athleisure obsession isn’t going anywhere.

This season, get ready to wear your track pants outside of the gym

Off-duty models, stylists, editors; almost everyone is making them a key piece for their spring/summer wardrobe. The versatility with which these pants can be styled is endless; pair them with heels, blazers, bomber jackets or sweatshirts for that completely unexpected, fashion forward look.

From Olivia Palermo to Bella Hadid to Malaika Arora to Alia Bhatt, all the fashion It Girls have been seen embracing the look. And it makes perfect sense too. These pants are not only insanely cool, but also extremely comfortable.

Whether you are travelling or just taking a day off from work, slip these trousers on and pair them with anything from boots to sneakers!

Here are some of our favourite ways to do fashion justice to this very now trend.

The Beckham Way

Victoria Beckham paired her pair of tracks with a knee-length coat and Adidas shell toes.

The Malaika Way

Red Hot

Alexander Spencer of 4th and Bleeker chose hot red Adidas pants, with Valentino shoes and her trusty Chanel.

Olivia Can Do No Wrong

Palermo wore her tracks with a sleeveless olive green turtleneck and a delicate sheer bell-sleeve blouse, giving the whole look a very soft feminine vibe.

Jenner Off-Duty

Leave it to Kendall to put a kick in every trend. The entire vibe here is: ideal all-black, bad-ass travel chic.

Out For A Run

Red is the colour of the moment. Pair your oldest red sweatshirt with matching track pants for a casual run around town. No more fear of running into someone at the grocery store dressed in your hideous pjs.


How would you wear your pair? Tell us in the comments below 