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How To Prevent Winter Nail Breakage & Keep up Your Healthful Nails


Chilly winter can be a difficult time for nails. The winter season is especially severe and harsh on the skin, hair and nails. While we’re flooded with information regarding our looks and our complexion, we usually ignore our nails.

The fluctuation in temperature is specifically damaging to our nails. The eminent manicurist and owner of her namesake nail line, Deborah Lippmann says:

“The exposure to the elements not only dries out the nails but may cause them to peel off. Our nails naturally have a low oil and moisture content and thus, they can become dry and fragile.”

It’s so necessary to take extra care throughout the colder months, from taking supplements to using some nourishing products. Check out our complete nail-saving guide below…

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Due to the lack of exposure to sunshine in the winter, it’s a high time to take a supplement to restore the health of your brittle nails.

Shabir Daya, pharmacist and co-founder of victoriahealth.com, suggests taking “an inside outside approach,” as “the severe dry climate of winter draws up moisture from nails and makes them open to breakage”. He is an upholder of Bamboo extract, which you can purchase from victoriahealth.com.

Barrett and Holland has a wide range of supplements to pick from, with many designed particularly for weak and dry nails. We like Super Nails Formula Caplets, £7.49. The capsules include everything you require for super healthy nails, from Vitamins A & D to folic acid. The Perfectil range is also worthwhile for healthy and stronger nails.

Another awesome supplement to invest in is MSM, Oskia founder Georgie Cleeve’s holy grail and the supplement partly responsible for the launch of her own brand. But how does it work? Georgie explains:

“We cannot create keratin without sulphur so by supplementing our diet with MSM (the most bio-available source of organic sulphur) we provide the body with the accurate raw material it needs to create strong, healthful keratin.”

She continues: “I used MSM to restore damage knee cartilage which worked complete wonders but the side effects were even more amazing…strong long nails (as well as better hair and skin condition).”

Always be careful not to take a huge amount of a specific ingredient or vitamin when taking a lot of supplements in combination.

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The most essential thing, obviously, is assuring the body is hydrated round the clock. Deborah Lippmann says, “Hydration is vital to our health in all aspects which includes our skin and nails! The major thing you should be always doing is drinking water.”

Protein-rich foods are also important, such as oily fish, nuts and beans. Nourishing fats like coconut oil help to boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and has vitamins vital to nail strength. Don’t forget your leafy veg and greens too, particularly spinach or broccoli. Give a thought to take zinc supplements if you don’t intend to eat much lean meat.

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Cuticle products & care

Sarah Bland, Smith & Cult’s Celebrity Nail Ambassador says; “The greatest way to prevent nail breakage in the chilly winter months is to stay away from soaking your hands in water and keep your hands, nail and cuticles highly moisturised. Any kind of oil will keep your cuticles hydrated – I love to apply at night to avoid washing it off”.

As Sarah mentions, cuticle care is important to maintaining strong, healthy nails. We like the following products to help promote this care:

L’Occitane Shea Butter Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil, £12

Margaret Dabbs Nail & Cuticle Serum, £12

Deborah Lippmann ‘The Cure’ Cuticle Cream, £18

Orly Argan Oil Cuticle Drops, £15.40

Deborah puts the main focus on the importance of being elegant when paying attention to cuticles: “When handling cuticles, thoroughly nip any extra pieces of skin. These are hangnails and the only pieces of skin that you should nip. Never cut off the whole cuticle or bite the nails/cuticles.”

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Strengthening products & care

The experts at Leighton Denny suggest “A quick buff [which] will evoke the circulation to the nail during winter months, encouraging growth, oxygen and nutrients to the surface; giving the nail a healthy glow”.

Deborah makes us think of buffing and filing with care, nevertheless: “never ‘saw’ back and forth on the tip of the nail. Rather, softly run the file across the nail in one direction.”

As well as cuticle treatments, a nail strengthening polish is also the finest investment. We love Mavala’s Mava-Strong fortifying and protective base coat, £16, which has a “complex of micro encapsulated active ingredients which immediately goes deeply and swiftly hardens the nails to repair bendable, fragile or splitting nails”.

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GLAMOUR’s Beauty Intern Paige Mooney also swears by Jessica’s Restoration Basecoat for Acrylic/Damaged Nails, £18.50. “I’d recommend it to everyone, even if you don’t wear fake nails,” she says. “It’s a must-have nail product!”

Hand creams

Assuring that you’re using your hand cream more than you often would do in cosy months. This not only keeps the nails healthy, but also restores the overall health of your hands. Deborah recapitulates the significance of a fine hand cream: “Topically, think of your nails and hands like your face. You wouldn’t wash your face and not apply a moisturiser, but so many times we wash our hands again and again and don’t apply hand lotion.”

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We like Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, £19, for super supple hands. For hands that are really affected, invest dauntlessly in a deep treatment such as Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Overnight Hand & Nail Treatment, £36. You’d apply deep hair conditioning or face mask so why not pay heed to your hands?