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7 Style and Fashion Tips That Won’t Empty Your Bank Account


Are you a Fashionista on budget?

I know there are a lot of us out there. We all are quite aware of the fact that the way “FASHION” is being portrayed on social media these days, its getting difficult for a lot of us to keep up with the “TRENDS“. At least I can’t to be very honest!

It’s ridiculous how money is being spent everywhere and in a way it does make you feel inadequate when you can’t afford to have certain things that everyone else has. We all like to save up for those “therapeutic” purchases which keeps us going – at least for the time being.

Some of us love to shop and others not so much, but we’ve all got to wear clothes. Why not look great while not breaking the bank?

It’s about time we look for alternatives to style ourselves without spending tons of money.

For all my girls out there, Here are some of my tips for you to look stylish and put together without spending absurd amount of money.

Going back to basics here! Lets start with “COLORS


For a more luxurious look, fill your closet with pastel tones compared to more earthy hues. I personally love my nudes and powder pink tones. As for Patterns & Prints, nothing beats the classic “Leopard Spots“. you can rock any look by simply incorporating an accent piece with animal print.


There is something super amazing about ditching dark colors and embracing fairer hues when summer rolls around. White screams clean & affluent!! You can always experiment with a range of textures, lengths and layering of course.


What’s best about satin is that it still retained it’s association with luxury so for those of us living on budget much tighter, there are many cheaper options out there in the market. So fear not! you too can treat yourself with a nice breezy satin camisole and simply pair it up with jeans, skirts or wide-legged trousers.

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You cant be looking stunning from head to toe and have your feet looking all crusty. Yes ladies!! you heard that right. Even if its hard for you to spend money getting it done from luxury salons, simply get them painted in neutral color at home. I do it all the time!!


Your hand bag also plays a wide role in styling your whole look. I personally believe that adding an extra accessory to your bag can completely change your “handbag” game. A classic silk scarf can add a dose of “COOL” to just about any look. This trick is best suited for structured bags.


Like many other fashion accessories, sunglasses are one category that seems to cycle through every possible trend.Over-sized sunglasses are often seen as a fashion statement. The style became popular in 60’s. Brands like DIOR & CHANNEL have some classic over-sized pieces and you can find the similar options on much cheaper prices. I also believe that there is something too enticing about a good pair of Aviator, My personal favorite for sure!!! The best thing about them is that you can get a great pair at every price point.

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Multi-layered necklaces are great to be worn with casual, trendy or dressy outfits. It compliments V-necks and striped shirts to balance out the shape of the neckline.Adding a nice bold and bright necklace to your outfit will bring more elegance and charm to your look.

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