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Catching up With Mohsin Sayeed

At the recent Pink Tree Trunk Show in Dubai, we got the chance to catch up with Mohsin Sayeed. A fashion designer, journalist and fashion critic from Pakistan. Mohsin is full of energy and is immensely passionate for life.

The Multi Talented Mohsin Sayeed

The collection at the Pink Tree trunk show was breathtakingly beautiful, the designs, colours and cuts were bewildering. From formals to casuals there was something for everyone and at great prices,too. (Follow The Pink Tree on Instagram: thepinktreecompany)

Some of the Gorgeous Pieces at The Pink Tree Company’s Trunk Show. We love the colors!

In conversation with Mohsin Sayeed.

•The Blush Works: What inspires Mohsin Sayeed?
Mohsin Sayeed: Well, I would say life inspires me. Anything and everything that’s beautiful. Be it a person, animal, thing, flower, a thought or a memory. For instance, we have this collection by the name of “Return to Innocence”, the story behind is that one day I was listening to “Enigma” and thought we all love something from our childhood, so we decided to incorporate child like drawings into our designs, the inspiration to that collection was childhood. There’s so much we see on social media that we are constantly getting inspired, but those things have to be elegant and beautiful. Another thing that really inspires me is simplicity. The zenith of everything is simplicity. And if I could I would only design simple clothes.

•The Blush Works: There are many fashion designers popping up from everywhere. According to you, is that a good or a bad thing?

Mohsin Sayeed: I feel its a bit if both good and bad. Its great that people are getting opportunities to express themselves in various ways, however there is too much going on at the same time. Being a fashion critic, it’s very difficult for me to accept everything. Maybe I’m not that democratic. I feel there have to be standards and bench marks. Not everything can go.

•The Blush Works: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers? 

Mohsin Sayeed: Be true to yourself and do what you want to do. Don’t follow trends, set them. I don’t like being asked what trend is in or what color is in. I do whatever I think is right. Whatever crazy thought that comes to my mind. Work hard, that’s the key to success. There are no shortcuts in life, struggle and you will value yourself.

•The Blush Works: Since we have readers from all over the world, we’d like to know if The Pink Tree Ships worldwide.

Mohsin Sayeed: We have a massive clientele all over the world. From Singapore to Los Angeles, we even have clients in Sweden. For now we only do made to order clothing.  So the answer is Yes! We do ship worldwide.

There you have it ladies and gentleman, great advice from the Fashion Guru Himself!

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