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Stunning roses from Botaniqué Floral Co. can stay fresh for upto 1 year, and are now available in Pakistan!


A gorgeous bouquet of flowers is a fitting gift for almost every occasion in life. However it usually only lasts for a few days before they begin to wilt. Botanique Floral Co. is now stepping in to change the game with its Miracle Bloom™ flower.

We sat down with the founding dynamic duo based in Lahore to find out more; Using a specific treatment they are able to enhance the plant structure of their flowers so that they retain their freshness for upto a year!

To further ensure quality standards they work with only premium quality imported roses. And if this wasn’t enough the flowers require minimal care with no water or sunlight.

They have recently launched 4 collections:

The Petit Collection

One large rose, which we thought was perfect for party giveaways and baby announcements.

The Quartz Collection

9 roses, seemed to be the most popular arrangement as it work for everything from a living room accent to a token of thanks.

The Grande Collection

20-25 roses. This we couldn’t get enough off! It exuded luxury and was a must have for any drawing room or dinner party.

Enchanted Rose

And lastly this is our personal favourite their, which they developed as a tribute to the timeless classic (and our personal favourite) Beauty and the Beast.

And this one lasts for upto 3 years!

All the arrangements are displayed in handcrafted keepsake Parisian styled hat-box with a number of finishing options. What’s more, they love creating bespoke pieces for clients so if you have an idea in mind they will work with you to bring it to life. We were able to catch a glimpse of a checkered arrangement as well as one fashioned to look like a heart. I die!

Never has any product like the Miracle Bloom existed in Pakistan before so we are very excited to be one of the first platforms to catch wind of it.

You can check them out at: www.botaniquefloralco.com and their Instagram: @botanique.floralco