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Perfect Valentine Gifts for Him


We all know that soul-destroying struggle of trying to come up with the perfect gift for your loved one.

Fortunately for women, men are simple souls. You don’t have to overthink when giving him a gift. If your gift is something close to what he wants, then you are in the safe zone. Just don’t try to be too creative, leave that struggle with men…

To make your Valentine’s Day gift hunting easy, we have come up with some great gift ideas that your better half will be glad to receive.


Messenger Bag

Budget: Medium

Get him a nice messenger bag, but not the type of a bag that comes for free with laptops. Be creative, get something catchy that’s made up of nice material. My personal preference, classic leather.

messenger bags


Budget: Medium

This is tricky and you need to play safe here. You need to get him something that will go with most of shirts. Black colour is safe, so is silver, or the best option – something with multiple colours. Nothing heart shaped please…



Budget: Low

No matter what you choose here, just make sure that it’s a narrow tie and not the skinny one. Our advice – mustard colour.



Budget: Medium

If I had a penny for every time I saw a guy carrying an old ass wallet that needed replacement yesterday! If your loved one is one of those guys, just get him a nice wallet.



Budget: High

What can I say, just get it! But don’t try buying games along with it. Let your man buy the ones he likes later.



Budget: Low

Probably the safest option, but potentially the lamest too. So be careful.


Gym membership

Budget: High

Now this is a tricky one. If he is the type who doesn’t want to work out and you are always nagging him, then this is a bad idea. But if he is the sporty type, then he would love nothing more than this.


Chelsea boots

Budget: Medium

For all the best options, refer our article – Chelsea Boots are back!

 chelsea boots brands

Earphones / Headphones

Budget: High

A man can never have enough. If he likes listening to music then go for a nice pair of headphones. If he is always on the move, then earphones is probably a better idea.


Kiehls Shaving Accessories

Budget: Low

Thanks to our subcontinental blood, most of us are blessed with thick facial hair. Shaving every day is a struggle in every desi man’s life. But not after you gift him any of the following products

  • Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream (Blue or White)
  • Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief


Philips Norelco Electronic Shaver

Budget: High

Personally this along with the combination of Kiehls shaving products changed my life. Shaving every morning used to be a dreadful experience for me personally, but since I started using Philips Electronic Shaver it has become a much more pleasant experience.


Watch Box

Budget: Medium

If he is one of those men, who likes to keep a collection watches then there is nothing like a nice Watch Box as a perfect gift.



Budget: Low 

Sounds funny right! Why the heck would you buy him pair of socks? Well, think again. I am not asking you to buy plain black socks. Heck no! What I am referring to is the brand called “Happy Socks”. They go with casual wear as well as they go with formal clothing.



Budget: High

There is no device like kindle if your loved one likes to read books. He will surely hate it at first, well… because there is nothing like a paperback. But once he gets used to it, he is going to cherish it



No matter what you do, don’t waste your time and money in trying come up with “thoughtful” gifts for him. If he is like 99% other men, he would hate it.


Unless the Mug has hidden super powers, no matter what the mug looks like, deep inside he is going to hate it.


He can always go to a mall and grab a box of chocolates. Yes, he can buy himself expensive ones too. So please don’t consider it a gift

Smart watch

As much as this sounds like a perfect gift, this just might turn out to be a disaster. With the number of smart watches available in the market with a range of size options, let him make this difficult decision himself.


Don’t even try getting him a shirt or a trouser, until and unless you are 110% sure of his fitting


Enough said…


Unless you are still living in 1980s.

Power bank

I mean seriously….


By all means give him a gift voucher, but don’t get him a pair of shades only to find out that it makes his face look super ugly. 


These are supposed to the MOST comfortable pair of shoes in his wardrobe, so please don’t ruin it for him. Let him live in peace.