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5 must-have summer sandals available in Pakistan!


Hot Summer? Hotter, Sandals.

When your feet start to sweat, it’s time to store away those closed-toe shoes and welcome a sexy pair of sandals instead. The options are never-ending, the styles are updated, and the colours oolala!

Read on about our fave places to get your pair of hot sandals this summer in Pakistan.

Jut paint your toes and slip em on!

#1. Almas

From platforms to quirky fun slides to fancy flats and squeaky clean white sneakers – these guys have got you covered. You might go in looking for a pair of sandals, and walk out with three other pairs of shoes. You have been warned! Extremely affordable and comfy as hell, this place is your best bet to find the latest trends in footwear.

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#2. Cocoon By Amna Baber

If you haven’t been ‘cocooned’ yet, it’s not too late! Amna Baber’s custom designed sandals are to-die-for. Priced very reasonably, the variety of shoes range from slip-ons to beautiful pearl embellished sandals. The best part is that you can order online and get your shoes delivered to your doorstep!

#3. Chapter 13

Addicted to khussa-esque shoes? Can’t and won’t let go of the desi fashionista insideof you? Chapter 13 is your buddy. Feather mules, glittery parrot kohatis, and denim peshawari slides…what more could you possibly desire in life? The best spin; they all have a touch of true Pakistani culture.

#4. Soma

If you are willing to go bold with a pop of colour in your shoe, then you’ve gotta try their gorgeous collection.  Based in Karachi, they ship worldwide so getting a pair is super easy. Tangerine mules with heels and summer friendly printed cross-overs are just some of the endless options.

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#5.  Sulafah

This online store has it all. Comfortable yet unique, they offer not only sandals but stunning heels as well. Timeless and classy slip-ons, bejeweled flats, and modest heels – find them all at Sulafah.

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