These are Bollywood’s favourite luxury cars

Priyanka Chopra goes red carpet hopping in her Rolls Royce, Parineeti Chopra poured her life savings into a swanky Jaguar XJL and Kangana Ranaut has a set of vintage wheels in her garage for those days when she feels like making a statement. Yes, Bollywood’s top brass has a luxury car fetish alright, one that they work hard around the clock to feed.

If you can’t decide which swanky ride to bring home, these ‘it’ cars come A-lister approved.

Bollywood’s favourite luxury cars


One decade in Bollywood, one huge international project and Deepika has a flashy line-up of luxury cars to show for it: The Audi Q7 ferries her and rumoured beau Ranveer Singh around town, the BMW 5-series is called on duty for her red carpet requirements and the Mini Cooper puts in an appearance on her party nights


“I like the lifestyle that I lead and I work hard to lead it. I like beautiful cars. I like traveling in luxury. I like the high life and I work for it, so those are my indulgences!” declared an unabashed Priyanka earlier this year. Her total assets are said to amount to Rs 40 crore, a healthy chunk of which lies in her garage: The Quantico boss woman is the proud owner of a Rolls Royce, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes Benz E Class, BMW 7 Series and even made concession for a pink Harley Davidson bike


In her own words, Kangana is one of Bollywood’s few rags-to-riches success stories, and is determined to make the most of her time on the top. Ask her about the three sinful indulgences she can’t ever deny herself and she confesses, “Clothes and cars.” The Queen actress gifted herself a BMW 7 to get her from point A to B, but those days when she wants to dial up the drama, she has an eye-catching vintage car that she put to use during the promotions of her period drama, Rangoon, that released earlier this year


Hailing from a family of Bollywood greats, Alia Bhatt’s family garage is probably dotted with more expensive cars than an F1 racetrack. But ask her about her favourite ride, and the Dear Zindagi star will gladly nudge you in the direction of her posh Audi 6 that she indulged herself with after delivering back-to-back hits in 2014


The best kind of gifts, after all, are those that you give yourself. Parineeti had reportedly been putting money aside ever since she joined Bollywood and finally drove home a Jaguar XJL in 2014. The car enthusiast followed it up with an Audi shortly after because well, you can never have too much of a good thing


Love her movies, hate them, Shraddha is still doing well for herself, thank you very much and recently brought a Mercedes ML class home to make it known that she has arrived


No royal chariots for the Begum of Pataudi; Kareena can be seen around town in a steady succession of American Mustangs, Range Rovers, Lexus 470s and a Mercedes or two. And well, given the amount of rubber she burns back and forth from the gym, we don’t blame her for not being able to pick one