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Restaurant Review: Daisy Green, London


A very cute and cosy café hidden in the heart of Central London!

While on my recent trip to London, this friend and I randomly discovered Daisy Green. The café was the cutest thing on the street so we decided to go inside for some nice and healthy breakfast. 🍳 (Took our chances)


Daisy Green has an excellent selection of fresh foods. Looking at the menu, I was definitely spoilt for choice!

We ordered their famous Smoked Salmon Royale, which were basically Eggs Benedict with delicious smoked salmon, served with charcoal bread. Delicious would be an understatement!


From the moment you step into the café, you’ll fall in love with the location, decor and overall vibe of the place. I felt like I’m in heaven when I saw the the floral decor hanging from the ceiling 🌷 So chic!


The staff was super friendly and attentive, we were served right on time. They greeted us with big smiles and that honestly made our experience even more pleasant.

Value for Money:

Approximately £15 pounds per person, which was perfect, given the huge portions we were served. (Which included a hot drink)

If you’re planning on visiting London this summer, Daisy Green is definitely a place you must visit. Share your thoughts!

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