How To Select The Right Hijab Style To Suit Your Look

Hijab is one of the most beautiful parts of “modest dressing”. Most of the times wearing a headscarf is related to being a Muslim which is true, however…

Islam is not the only religion where women wear a headscarf.

Having said that, the practice of Hijab is more common in Muslim women now. But again, with changing trends and innovations, people from all around the globe love it and have come up with many unique and trendy ideas to wear it.

How to select the right style

To decide a particular style for yourself, you must first determine the shape of your face and opt accordingly. Here is a chart to guide you

There are zillions of hijab styles along with tutorials available online . Team Blush Works have selected some of the chic and trendy styles for you to choose from.

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Small Face

If you have a small face with tiny features, this volumizing style is best for you.


Broad Jawline

This is the style for ladies who have a slightly broad jawline.

Scarves With Borders

Another beautiful style perfect for scarves with pretty borders.

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Simple Style

Or go for this simple style that can be carried in your daily routine.



No need to wear a necklace with this pretty laced scarf.

2 in 1

Wanna be a bit more innovative? Try using two scarves at a time to flaunt this unique & beautiful style.

With a twist

Another simple yet unique style with a twist!

Hijab Accessories

In order to BLING it, beautiful hijab accessories are available now.

Hijab Pins

Want to keep it simple? Get beautiful hijab pins available in different shapes.

We hope those tutorials were helpful for all the hijab lovers!

It is not about what you wear, it is about how you wear it.

Those pretty styles and accessories are going to make you look beautiful. On a lighter note, here is another hijab tutorial. Try it and let us know how it worked out for you 😀

And here is something funny




If you wear a Hijab, then you must check out these hair care tips


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