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Looking For a Chic Smartwatch To Start Your New Year?

Smart Watches for Women

December 2016 – With the sheer number of smartwatches available in the market, the decision to buy one puzzles most people. You have your usual suspects such as Apple, Samsung and LG. And then now we have traditional watch makers jumping in the game with the likes of Fossil, TAG and Michael Kors. At the same you need to watch out for the non traditional entrants like Olio, Huawei and Asus.

Either you are looking to buy one for yourself, or planning to gift it to a loved one – all you need to know about the current smart watches is right here.


With WSD-F10 Outdoor Smartwatch, Casio has managed to come up with a great outdoor watch but its ginormous dial size makes it less ideal for women. There are 2 LCD displays (one color and one monochrome), which allow it to deliver a blend of smart features.

Dial Size: 61.7mm | Price: from $400

⊕ Sporty look (if you fancy that)
⊕ Water-resistant to 50 meters of depth

⊗ The dial is extremely large for small wrists
⊗ No built-in GPS
⊗ Average battery life

Casio Smart Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images
Casio Smart Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images

12) SONY

Barely coming at number 12 is the Sony SWR50. With its boyfriend-watch look, most of you will find it very difficult to accessorize with it. However it will surely attract the minimalist in you.

Dial Size: 36mm | Price: from $129

⊕ Slik Performance
⊕ Good battery life
⊕ Built-in GPS connectivity 

⊗ Not stylish
⊗ Dial has an odd shape


sony watches
Image Courtesy: Google Images
Sony SWR50 Smart Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images


More and more brands are now coming out with connected watches that are not pure smart watches. And Misfit Phase is a great example of it. It can track your sleep, steps and distance walked – all of which can be accessed through an accompanying app.

Dial Size: 41mm | Price: From $175

⊕ Ability to match with a wide range of elegant accessories
⊕ Decent battery life

⊗ Not a true smart watch

Image Courtesy: Google Images
Misfit Phase Smart Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images


A very surprisingly low entry at number 10 is Samsung Gear S3. Similar to the Casio watch, the designers didn’t care much about the women segment. With all of its technical specs and an amazing connectivity with Samsung phones, it is indeed a great gadget to have with.

Dial Size: 46mm  | Price: From $350

⊕ Multitude of on board sensors.
⊕ Decent battery and usage time

⊗ Not waterproof
⊗ Large Dial Size

Image Courtesy: Google Images
Samsung Gear
Image Courtesy: Google Images



The option of the Rose Gold color has helped Olio Model One to surpass the likes of Samsung and Sony in our rating.

Dial Size: 47mm | Price: From $1,371

⊕ Limited edition offers a bespoke watch face
⊕ Custom alligator grain on Italian leather bands
⊕ Available in real, 24-karat gold and 18-karat rose gold-plated finishes

⊗ Average battery life
⊗ Large Dial Size

olio smart watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images
Olio Model One Smart Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images


Though Motorola is struggling with its mobile business, looking at Moto 360 we were reminded of their good old glory days. The large dial size remains the area of concern. In terms of features, it’s almost identical to other Android Wear watches so there’s nothing really standout beyond the usual alerts, accurate-ish heart rate monitoring and voice controls.

Dial Size: 42mm and 46mm | Price: from $550

⊕ Improved Performance

⊕ Small Battery Life

Image Courtesy: Google Images
Moto 360 smart watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images



They have retained their signature look with the TAG Heuer Connected watch. The absence of colorful straps makes this watch a little dull to carry. But there are always those who would wear TAG no matter how it looks. This is the most expensive Android Wear watch out there by some distance, but if you want a luxurious smartwatch around your wrist, it doesn’t get better than this.

Dial Size: 46mm | Price: from $2,000

⊕ High-end internal specs

⊕ Most expensive

Image Courtesy: Google Images
TAG Heuer Connected
Image Courtesy: Google Images

6) LG

LG Watch Urbane is very close to a formal watch, something that is missing from most of the smart watches. It features a beautiful, fully circular P-OLED display and excellent build quality.

Dial Size: 45.5mm | Price: from $163

⊕ Unique design

⊗ Average Battery Life
⊗ No built in GPS

Image Courtesy: Google Images
LG Watch Urbane
Image Courtesy: Google Images


Michael Kors was the first established fashion brand to release Android Wear platform. Michael Kors Access Bradshaw watch comes in two different styles. It is a fashion statement that is bigger and bolder. Plenty of bands to pick from – silicone straps (black, white, blue and red) and leather straps (brown, white, red, black, embossed tan and embossed snakeskin-effect)

Dial Size: 44.5mm | Price: $350

⊕ Good Battery Life
⊕ Build Quality

⊗ Average Display

Michael Kors Access
Image Courtesy: Google Images
Michael Kors Access Smart Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images


Fossil now offers more than 100 smart watches to choose from! They are also the first Android Wear smartwatch with an Intel processor. Fossil Q Wander was designed to be fashionable and classy with an emphasis on a chic feminine look. It combines casual looks with good build quality.

Dial Size: 45mm | Price: from $295

Attractive Price Tag
⊕ Availability of Rose Gold Colour

⊗ Large dial size

Image Courtesy: Google Images
Fossil Smart Watches
Image Courtesy: Google Images


Lots of you won’t consider Apple at any thing less than at the best spot. And that’s why we have given Apple Watch a number 3 spot primarily because of its large and loyal consumer base.

Dial Size: 38mm and 42mm | Price: from $300

Large number of available bands
⊕ Extended connectivity with the iPhone
⊕ Intuitive interface

⊗ Poor battery life
⊗ Shortage of useful apps
⊗ Expensive

Apple Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images
Apple Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images


This is probably the most surprising entry at number 2 and a well deserving one indeed. The band and watch combination in Asus Zen Watch is immaculate, making it a beautiful companion. When it comes to value for the money, it deserves a spot on everyone’s shopping list. This Android Wear offering lacks some of its competitors’ built-in sensors, but more than makes up for it with its price tag.

Dial Size: 40mm | Price: from $119

⊕ Super affordable
⊕ M
ade up of jewelry-grade stainless steel with a beautiful diamond cut bezel
⊕ The bands are available in Italian leather, high quality rubber straps in dark brown or beige shades

⊗ Lacks some built-in sensors

Image Courtesy: Google Images
Asus Zen Watch
Image Courtesy: Google Images


Huawei has taken the ladies smart watches to another level with its range of smart watches. Huawei Watch is a well deserving number 1 spot by a country mile. There are large number of customization options available with a variety of available styles and finishes

Dial size: 42mm | Price: from $350

⊕ Highest resolution on Android Wear watches
⊕ IP67 water resistant
⊕ Premium build and materials
⊕ Finishing of scratch-resistant sapphire glass and really skinny bezels

⊗ Average Battery Life

Image Courtesy: Google Images
Huawei Smart Watches
Image Courtesy: Google Images

* All the prices mentioned in this post are in US$ that were were taken from Amazon.com and were valid at the time of this review