History repeats itself, just a few months ago the 90’s had made a major comeback. We’ve seen it on the runway and we’re not gonna deny it, we’re in love. Let’s walk down the memory lane and see what the 90’s were all about and what we’re wearing.

Trend 1: Leather Biker Jacket

This trend is timeless. The leather jacket can be paired up with anything, jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses. Don’t miss out on this 90’s trend. Get your hands on one today!

Ana Rocking The Biker Jacket

Trend 2: Choker Necklaces

We can’t and choose not to go back to the tattoo version. Buy we’re loving the new styles. All high street stores carry them and they are budget friendly, too!

We Love Choker Necklaces
We Love Choker Necklaces

Trend 3: Dark Lips

This is one trend that has come a huge comeback. Seen on red carpets everywhere, dark lips are back peeps! Browns and berries, choose a color that goes with your personality.

Dark Lips, Berries and Browns
Dark Lips, Berries and Browns

Trend 4: Messy Unkept Hair

Put away your straighteners, embrace the natural messy look. Save time and give your hair a break!

Bed Heads
Bed Heads

Trend 5: Bad Girl Shoes 

Big shoes and boots ar also a 90’s trend to watch out for. They look great and make you feel like a bad ass! Who wouldn’t want that?

Our Bad Girl Shoes
Our Bad Girl Shoes

Some other 90’s Trends that have made a comeback over the last years:


You either love em or you don’t. They have made a come back and we’re heading out to get ours today!

Denim Jackets:

The good old denim jacket is back and looks like it’s here to stay. Some trends are just difficult to forget.

Crop Tops:

Forget the tiny ones from the 90’s, the crop top has made a sophisticated comeback. (Thank God)


Tell us what your favorite 90’s Trend is while we head out to watch our favorite 90’s movie, “Clueless”



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