What We Know about the Upcoming Coke Studio Season 10!

The forthcoming season of the much awaited Pakistani Coke Studio, which all set to release in August 2017 on the event of Pakistan’s independence day, is all everyone is talking about. Strings and The Coca-Cola Company will emcee the show as official producers, while the show will come back with the earlier year’s format of music maestros driving and creating their own particular tunes under the direction of Strings.

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In the course of recent years, Coke Studio has turned into its very own thought. It speaks to the sum total of what that has been absent in the standard Pakistani account – the culture, the energy and a range of thoughts that we require Pakistan to be spoken to by, particularly in such troublesome circumstances.

Regardless of all the buildup and glory that accompany the show, it is gradually coming up short on bringing novelty.

It has become literally difficult to differentiate one Coke Studio song from another; as it plays on radio with all the Sufi obsession it is conveying. Moreover, it is only significantly adding more monotony to the “blend” that it promises to bring. The show has an excessive number of things to reinvent as it approaches 10 years old status.

This year, the format is old, the vibe is new. It has various music producers working under Strings to create music with a set house band and furthermore with some highlighting performers.

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Start of the Season

The show is expected to start with a collaborative dramatic rendition of “Qaumi Taranah” with the Minar-e-Pakistan as its backdrop, by following featured artistes that we have seen in their artist line up release:

  • Ali Sethi
  • Aima Baig
  • Danyal Zafar
  • Ali Zafar
  • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Jabar Abbas
  • Momina Mustehsan
  • Waqar Ehsin
  • Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi
  • Sanwal Khan Esakhelvi
  • Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch
  • Sahir Ali Bagga
  • Hina Nasrullah
  • Ali Hamza (Noori)
  • Nabeel Shaukat Ali
  • Faraz Anwar
  • Faiza Mujahid
  • Ahmed Jahanzeb
  • Zaw Ali
  • Sajjad Ali
  • Umair Jaswal
  • Nirmal Roy
  • Humaira Channa
  • Amanat Ali
  • Strings
  • Farhan Saeed
  • Salman Ahmad
  • Shafqat Amanat Ali
  • Humera Arshad
  • Natasha Khan

While some debate that the teaser for artist lineup is not satisfactory and many upcoming names have been left out, others feel that Coke Studio has chosen the best of the best to showcase their talents.

Undoubtedly, the show will face immense challenges as “Pepsi Battle of the Bands” is all set to kick off as well.

Everyone is looking forward to a great competition however lets hope the corporate over drive between Coke and Pepsi, does not kill the essence of either, undoubtedly iconic show, and at the end serves music.


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