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Uzair Jaswal- Na Bhulana

December 28th 2016 was the official release of Uzair Jaswal’s debut album Na Bhulana. And boy, was it released with style!! An exclusive concert in Islamabad for Uzair’s fans was definitely something we had looked forward to.

Before we get into details about Na Bhulana, let’s get some facts straight about Uzair Jaswal:

Who is Uzair Jaswal?

The youngest in his family, Uzair is a multitalented singer, songwriter, actor and music composer. With many hits under his belt, Uzair is not just an amazing artist, he’s also a very humble human being.

uzair jaiswal

Some of Uzair’s hit songs:

Tere Bin, Nindiya ke Paar, Bolay, Jaanvay, Sajna and Na Bhulana (latest)

List of films Uzair has starred in:

Slackistan, Jalaibee, Gol Chakkar and Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar.

Na Bhulana- The Debut Album:

Everyone had high expectations from Uzair’s debut album and honestly we thought the tracks were incredible. The beats are pretty good and catchy, too! Jaswal has a fresh, crisp voice that sort of soothes you. I’d say the album lived up to the expectations of his fans. 11 tracks, each one represents a different story of Uzair’s life. He says all tracks represent his journey over the last decade or so. This album will be a big hit with the younger audience as the music is young and fresh. Something the younger generation can relate to. We can’t wait to see more of him on TV, at concerts and the big screen!!

Uzair Jaswal is set to make it big as an artist and we are here to support him all the way through! Good luck Ozzy!