Series: Songs We Have Grown Up Listening To – Part 1

“Music is a safe kind of high.”

~Jimi Hendrix

It is, right? Music binds people together. You know that awesome feeling when you’re in a random place and your favorite song starts to play and you automatically start to hum along and  you notice that others around you are tapping their feet to the same song?

The Blushworks brings you a small (but apt) series of songs that we grew up listening to and that we can all connect to, even today! The first installment below contains the Pakistani singles (all the way from 1980s) that have had us mesmerized since their launch!

1. Nazia and Zohaib Hassan’s Disco Deewane

2. Vital Signs’ Sanwali Saloni si Mehbooba

3. Ali Haider’s Purani Jeans

Don’t you feel this one is pretty much our desi equivalent of Summer of 69????

4. Sajjad Ali’s Baby (Babiaaa)

5. Faakhir’s Marjawaan 

Which also got copied by Bollywood later!

6. Haroon’s Goriay

7. Abrar ul Haq’s Preeto

Featuring none other than our favourite, Ali Zafar! Was this his big break??

8. Junoon’s Zamanay kay Andaaz

9. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen

The Maestro who remains unmatched!

10. Shehzad Roy’s Teri Soorat

Umm.. Has anyone else noticed that this guy is not aging at all! Vampire Much?

11. Strings’ Duur

12. Hadiqa Kiani’s Boohey Baariyan

13. Ali Zafar’s Channo

14. Jal’s Aadat

This one was sung at every party, every friends’ gathering, every function and even every school trip of that era!

15. Fuzon’s Akhiyan tau Ole Ole


And finally, the advent of Rock Music in Pakistan was highlighted by the following two bands:

16. Entity Paradigm’s Waqt


Last but not the least!

17. Noori’s Manwa Re


Aaaaah. What a walk down memory lane!! Does this list strike a bell with you? Comment and let us know which one is your favourite! And stay tuned for two more similar lists!