Who is ready for some hardcore head banging? WE ARE!!!!


 Call is back with an exceptionally amazing new rock anthem which is not only a song that marks their comeback in such a fantastic way but plays the role of a platform that connects the Call fans to the band itself, giving everyone a reason to celebrate 15 years of togetherness!!


On the 1st of January, Call released their all new “TeriHaarHum” which went viral as soon as it came out. from twitter trends to Instagram crashing, this song has us all rocking our bodies just like we used to.


From Jilawatan to Dhoom, call has always brought immense pride to the nation. Here is to a great comeback, hoping to see Call- the band perform in various cities of Pakistan and keep a firm grip on the charm it has always used to keep the audience spellbound.


All the very best to Junaid Khan and Xulfi along with their team for their new projects. We hope to see Call enjoy heights of prosperity!

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