Artist Spotlight: Junaid Khan

Introducing Junaid Khan as a renowned multi-talented young Pakistani artist will be unfair to say the least, as he is now a house hold name across South Asia.

Over the course of his awe inspiring career, he has conquered the entertainment industry (and also the hearts of many 🙂 ), with his amazing singing-song writing, modelling and acting.

Going back to 2003, he rose to fame through his ground breaking band – Call. With their unique brand of music and a gifted voice, he mesmerized the audiences in many different countries giving serious competition to the other bands.

This multi-skilled star proved himself as remarkable singer when the albums ‘Jilawatan’ and ‘Dhoom’ were released. He also played several prominent roles in TV serials Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu (2012), Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai (2012), Kadoorat (2013) and Firaaq (2014) which brought him a massive fan following.

Having won a number of awards, Junaid returned with much zeal and enthusiasm in the latest season of Coke Studio, where he once again proved why he is where he is today.


The Blush Works: Tell us about yourself and what inspires you?

Junaid Khan: Born in Multan, when I turned 3, my family moved to Lahore so practically I was raised and brought up in Lahore. Having attended the school and college in Lahore, I did my MBA in Marketing followed by a Bachelor’s degree from UET.

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I’m a little bit of an emotional person something that poured into me from my mother who is a gifted artist. She is a fine arts Gold medallist from Faisalabad and her art naturally infused into me. That helped me in figuring out that the performing arts was my passion. And in 2002, while attending my engineering school I made some friends who were fans of live music.

Pretty much everything inspires me – whatever is around me; nature, people, history, this world. Generally I tend to be quite observant that helps me create “my” music.


TBW: If given a chance, who would you like to collaborate with?

JK: From a very early age I had always been a huge fan of Bryan Adams. His compositions are just pure joy to listen to. If there is one person I would love to work with, that’s definitely him.

When it comes to actors, I think Amitabh Bachan is one actor who is phenomenal in every genre, be it comedy, romance, action. He is a true all-rounder, perhaps someday I will get a chance to work with him.


TBW: Do you intend to work across the border?

JK: I did work with a friend – Jennifer Jandris and the song we sung was “So Close, So Distant”. This song was about a guy living in this part of the world (Pakistan) and the girl living in the west.

TBW: You are into Dramas too, and which one do you like better – singing or acting?

JK: I love singing. Singing is my very own expression. It’s something that any singer does from his heart. Writing the lyrics and the composition is literally pouring your heart out. On many different levels it is a message; to your friends, to your loved ones, to the world.

Acting on the other hand is fun, but you do it for someone else, a director or anyone else for that matter.

Music, however, is much closer to my heart. Music any day, over acting!


TBW: Your coke studio season 9 song became the most celebrated one, how was the experience?

JK: “Main Raasta” was the first original, pop rock song done in Coke Studio. Most songs of Coke Studio had either been fusions or remakes. So surely this did make me nervous. Deep in my heart I had a small fear that people might not like it at all, as it was different. But I am so glad that it worked out. I am ecstatic that I was given the freedom from the Coke Studio team to do anything I’d like to in terms of my vocals, my singing ability. At the end, people liked it, and that’s what matters to me.

TBW: Your favorite project up till now?

JK: The collaboration that I mentioned before, other than that, my album with CALL, “Jilawatan”.

The journey with Call was amazing. Composing that album was an excellent experience. If I could, I would love to go back to that time of my life and do it all over again.


TBW: Was it difficult back then?

JK: Back then, difficult meant fun. You had to write the lyrics yourself, you had to sit with your band mates, figure out what to do, return to the studio. It was much more fulfilling back then.

TBW: What about your band Call?

JK: We reunited last year and are working on our upcoming projects and we will be releasing something real soon so do watch out! Plus, we have already started performing all over Pakistan, details of which can be checked out on our page –


TBW: What advice would you offer to others in the industry?

JK: Every time somebody takes a step forward, there are different challenges that come in his/her way. There were different challenges back then, there are different challenges now. Of course it’s getting tougher by the day. Be consistent, keep creating what you want to create. There will always be a time when your real audience will come back and listen to your music.

As far as the acting goes, just work hard, prove yourself continuously. There is no easy way out, so just go out there and be consistent!

By Kainat Kamal

Photography: Faisal farooqui @ffdfly #dragonflypakistan
Designer: Munib Nawaz

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