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2017: Make It a Year of Mastering The Classic Red Lip

Red lips look 2017

Bodacious, classy, stylish, and bitchin’ hot. There’s basically not a single day when the timeless and classic red lip doesn’t make anybody “thriven and thro”. When you are all done and ready-to-go out dressed up in amazingly astounding attire, top notch jewelry and beautiful sandals, wearing classic red lipstick like an expert would surely serve as a cherry on top. But probably you may have always wondered how everyone else gets that flawless shape and look (And yours looks a little slapdash).

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to give your lips a faultless look and be the portrait of the best combo: classic red lips and a crimson pout

Step 1. Working in short slashes right straight from the bullet, fill lips with red colour, being cautious not to draw closer to the edges

Step 2. Outline your whole mouth with a coordinating lip liner, tilting your head back to get the bottom lip, and forward to rim the lip on top. Also fill in any scanty zones with the tip of the liner.

Extra credit: For a complete gorgeous look, make a darker line outside your natural lip line.