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What NOT to do in a 42 day challenge


Taking the whole world by storm is the new trend – how being fit is the new sexy.

Gone are the days when you could walk the streets with all your fat bulging out, behind us are the days we could devour a whole pizza judgement-free.

Talking about the local trends, what has been the latest fad in all the big cities? The treacherous 42 day challenge.

Having recently joined the marriage brigade, and my engagement being less than 2 months away, I was bound to have a panic attack sooner or later. This, coming from a person who has barely exercised in her entire life, let alone committing to an actual work out. ONLY enjoying long romantic walks to the fridge and for everything that goes wrong, or right, for that matter in my life, my go-to has only and always been food.

Red sirens all around, a bloated picture of me not fitting into my dress and a double chin more conspicuous than the jewelry was the image that made me instantly rush towards this 42 day rescue. Little did I know, during my tenacious battle with myself during the not-so complete 42 days, achieving your ideal body goal is the most difficult thing to accomplish provided you are doing the following things, which would render it completely useless.

Before the challenge, start exercising!

If you’re anything like me and haven’t worked out a day in your life, and you think that doing intense cardio is a piece of cake, honey trust me, it’s not!

The aunty next to you giving you a smug look while she perfectly does 10 burpees under 60 seconds and demonstrating perfect squats while you cannot get up to save your life, that look is surely going to haunt your nights!

Never EVER skip a day

Live by this rule, especially if you’re struggling in the first two weeks. Everyone says “Oh once you start, you become addicted to it. Or get used to the routine!” Well the reality is, you really don’t. You need to stick to it and motivate yourself to stay put and not find excuses to bunk what feels like the 8 am morning class of a Monday, every day of the week

Follow the diet plan!

If you think you can lose weight by just exercising while you keep on having McDonalds, you have my sympathies. But it truly doesn’t work that way. One thing I learnt is that for losing weight, its 80% food and 20% exercise, and that 80% percent doesn’t mean getting processed food delivered to your doorstep in substitute of those 5 small portions allowed in one day. Unfortunately, every day is not a cheat day.

For all the foodies out there, go to sleep early so that you don’t feel hungry.

Yes, that’s how sad your life is going to be from now on till you get used to the shallow bottomless pit which is now your stomach.

Do not abort mission after the challenge

Finally and most importantly, do not abort mission after the challenge. I repeat, do not abort mission. If you stop exercising, you will gain back weight and that too on a more rapid scale. Hence, the shit will hit the fan.

In conclusion, these tips are extremely vital otherwise you’ll be just wasting all the money, time and effort that have been put into all this. What happened to me after attending, what became more like a 22 day challenge for me, was that I did experience SOME weight loss despite everything. Moreover, fortunately for me, I did end up being with the right person who does not live in the fridge, unlike me, and does come to my doorstep when ordered – which is so much more meaningful than being in a complex relationship with carbs!