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Valentine’s Day Stories


Its THAT time of the year again, you know where everything is heart shaped and kinda tacky, but you buy it anyway. Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and I wanted to do a fun post! I asked a few of my friends to share their funniest Valentine moments. As requested I haven’t given out full names of people who shared their stories. I’ll start off with mine.

“It was our first ever Valentine’s day together and I really wanted it to be special. I remember going crazy buying heart shaped chocolates, teddy bears,  cute cards and what not! He was visiting Pakistan for a business trip and luckily it was on Valentine’s Day. He told me he’d take me out for dinner somewhere nice and we’ll probably go watch a movie . Super excited, I got ready and as I opened the door there he was…with his friend, his friend’s wife and their one year old baby! I was babysitting through the dinner..Talk about being Romantic!”- Naima Z


“I used to fancy this guy in High School but sadly our sections were different. Me being in the girl’s section and him obviously in the boys’. He probably didn’t even know I existed. So on Valentine’s day, I decided to make him a card and just leave it in the library where he used to sit every day. Before he could get it, the headmistress found it and he got suspended . Thank God I didn’t leave a name on it!” – Sarah F

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“After two kids you hardly get time to do anything together without any interruptions. Last year on Valentine’s day my in laws were visiting Lahore so my husband planned a surprise for me. We dropped our kids at my Mother’s and went back to our place, only to find my mother in law and father in law sitting on the sofa with roses and candles everywhere (planted by my hubby) and a sign that read “Love you more than anything Jaan”. Talk about embarrassment. I still can’t look at them straight in the eye.” -Anonymous 

“I’m single (and happy) I don’t understand what the fuss over Valentine’s Day is about. One day our driver asked me why are there “Dil Waali Cheezain” (Heart Shaped Stuff) everywhere and I told him about Valentine’s day. He said its the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard and would never spend a single penny on such a meaningless thing. On Valentine’s day I caught him buying chocolates and flowers for his girlfriend. When confronted his reply was “Bachi khush toh hum khush!” (If she’s happy, then I’m happy).” -Umar 

“He got me a set of pots and pans on our first Valentine’s day, before we got married. I don’t even like cooking! What was he thinking?” – Hira  

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year? I wanna hear all about it!

If you have any funny Valentine’s Day stories to share, email me at: naimazahin@hotmail.com

Happy Valentine’s Day Peeps!
Happy Valentine’s Day Peeps!


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