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Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas for Her


Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner! Have you bought that special something for her or are you still confused? Fear not, we have you covered!

When it comes to buying presents for women, it can certainly get complicated as there are a million things to choose from. From makeup to perfumes to jewellery and shoes and bags, the list can be never ending!

Don’t fall for “I don’t want anything, I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day!” Because that’s a trick!! She WANTS you to surprise her, women can be complicated!

What to get her this Valentine’s Day:

First of all keep this in mind, flowers and chocolates are mandatory! You get these, and you’re ALMOST good to go (Don’t forget the teddies!!) Here’s what you can add to the flowers and chocolates to make this day extra special:

1. Treat her to a day at the Spa, where she can relax and have some down time. What’s even better? A couple’s Day at the Spa! Get your booking done right away!

2. Get her a Perfume, always safe! Who doesn’t want to smell good?

3. How about a Gift Voucher from her favourite store; Sephora, Zara, Topshop- all stores do gift vouchers. You wouldn’t be worried about buying the wrong present. Plus she’ll get to hit the mall herself, which is a bonus treat.

4. Jewellery, a nice pendant or earrings. Girls love to accessorise. (Think Tiffany and Co.)

5. A nice handbag; do you know how obsessed we are with bags? We can never have enough! Aldo or Gucci, doesn’t matter! As long as its chic and trendy, we’re happy!