This Ramadan, nurture your soul, NOT your belly fat (Part 2)

We have already discussed in detail, the dos and don’ts of your Suhoor routine. Now comes the more challenging part, IFTAR, which is the time to break the fast.

a healthy eating in Iftar is far more challenging because of all that growling sounds your tummy is making

But the thing is, having a healthy meal for Iftar is far more crucial to spend a healthy Ramadan and to prevent belly fat expansion.

So why not vow to go for healthy options and let us help you pick?

Dates and Water 

We have discussed enough about how energizing Dates are. Popping a few to break fast is the best favor you can do to your body followed by a glass of water as both things are pure and organic.

Fruit Salad 

An instant energizer and coolant for an empty stomach. That acid that has accumulated over the period of fasting needs to be neutralized. And nothing can do it like fruits.


A simple seasoning of light spices and onions and tomatoes is one of the most fulfilling meals and are low in calories that makes them ideal for Iftar meal.

Natural Drinks

Cut down those sugar-laden drinks from your pantry and replace them with simple and natural home made energy drinks. The options are infinite and will leave you fresh and energized the whole month.

Addition of Basil seeds to those drinks are an ideal heat killer and a bonus.

Fried Food

Hmm… that’s a bit sensitive topic for all our desi readers. We all know that “pakoray” (flour fritters) are love..

Okay, we won’t ask you to cut them off completely.  But at least try and cut them down. Replace deep fried items with shallow fried and baked items.

The choices are infinite, you just have to pick the right ones. Imagine your stomach being hungry for such a long time and this is what it gets…food dripping with oil.

The key to eating less of those sinfully scrumptious food is to take plenty of fruits and fluids in the beginning to fill up your tummy.

Detox Fluid

End your day with a detox fluid. That can be a home made green tea or any detox juice.

This will help your system speed up the process of purification and clean up the unwanted fats accumulated in the body. There are millions of quick recipes available online for your ease.

Make this detox fluid your last meal of the day.

Midnight binge eating can be extremely harmful and a major cause of weight gain during this month.

Always remember the sole purpose of this month and the act of fasting and stay healthy. Happy Ramadan!