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Things To Do With Your Girls!


We love spending time with our girlfriends! But often we make plans that never happen, or we end up doing something really boring! We got together with Kinza, Fizza and Reema to ask them what they like doing together. They shared some great ideas with us!

  1. A girl’s night out; we’re all busy with either work or kids. But once in a while we make plans and go out together, sometimes just for dinner and maybe a  fun night at the club(If we’re not too tired!) Its always great when you’re with your girls!
  2. Book a Mani/Pedi for yourself and your girls at your favorite spa! Get all your girlfriends together and go for that manicure you’ve been waiting to get. Sit back, relax and gossip!
  3. Take pictures (Lots of them!) When we get together, we make sure we capture every moment! Its fun and who doesn’t like getting their pictures taken? Fill up that Instagram feed with some gorgeous shots of you and your friends. Things To Do With Your Girls1
  4. Shopping! We find that it’s easier shopping with our girlfriends instead of our husbands! We give each other our honest opinion and don’t look as tortured as our husbands do at stores!
  5. Watch that movie everyone is raving about! Watch that Desi movie that just came out with your girls, you know your husband will never spend 3 hours watching Katrina Kaif dance! Things To Do With Your Girls2
  6. Have a sleepover! It doesn’t matter how old you are, a sleepover with your friends is always a great idea, get those PJs ready for your next pajama party!
  7. Always have your girls’ backs! Enough said!
  8. Take an all-girls trip somewhere. We all need a break sometimes and would rather go with the gang than going alone. Listen to your favorite songs and enjoy every bit of your trip.

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