No one (and I repeat NO ONE!) but us alone can call us short. And in the event that you do it’s hostile (SUPER hostile) and we may kick you as we have all the right to do so!

Here are other problems that torment our reality and well, if you are short, you really have it harder than others think!


You’re generally “so cute” that is extraordinarily disappointing when you were going for “sexy”


It really feels strange when your jeans are the best possible length, since you’re used to them being too long


3. You realize that a “legitimate dwarf” is somebody under 4’11”, in light of the fact that each individual demands advising you that you nearly qualify.*


What’s more, in case you’re not in the front of photographs, you should not be in them by any stretch of the imagination.


Schoolers are taller than you are


When you are sitting, your feet don’t touch the floor, and you couldn’t care less how innocent you look swinging your legs but wait, they are laughing at you!


“Bitch, please” – You when girls 5’5″ or taller gripe about being short.


Cooking supper turns into an aerobatic encounter, since you consistently need to derrick yourself up onto your kitchen counters to achieve things.


To clasp hands with a tall person, you need to twist your arm at the elbow and point up. Oh man!


Individuals get a kick out of the chance to disclose to you that you’re short, as though you’re uninformed. “tell me something i dont know!


Everybody needs to “place you in their pockets” Go away creeps!


Your head is an armrest — as though everybody’s arms are recently so drained all the time that they require consistent resting


Maxi dresses. Lol.


Nobody can fit in the driver’s seat of your car, and the time it takes for them to adjust the seating makes it feel like the vehicle itself is ridiculing you


Putting something at the highest point of your wardrobe means you’re not going to see it again for quite a while!

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