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Reasons To Party This Weekend 


We’re almost there! TGIT(Thank God it’s Thursday!)…Well that’s what we say here in Dubai. With weather getting hotter by the day and zero outdoor activity, we all need an excuse to party the night away. 

Here are a few reasons (Read: excuses) we came up with to party your pants off this weekend!

  1. Party because you found the perfect shoes! 
  2. Because someone’s gotta do it, why not you?!
  3. For Mothers: Because you just wanna have fun with your girls while the men babysit for you! 
  4. Party because you deserve it, after your recent breakup! Thank God you’re over that jerk!
  5. Party because, admit it, you’re not getting any younger. 
  6. Men: Party because fun is a terrible thing to waste!
  7. Party because being mature doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!
  8. Party because you’re not the kind of person who would turn down an invitation!
  9. Party because your curfew is 1am 😂
  10. Party because you need to practice for New Year’s Eve. Takes time to reach the level of perfection. 

Have a lovely Weekend peeps! xo xo