Its simple, get in take a shower and get out..right? Wrong! As we step into the shower, our mind suddenly becomes more energised! Almost like it had a whole can of Red Bull.

Here’s our list of things that happen in the shower!

  1. Water plays tricks with you: FFS Water!! Why do you go from scalding hot to freezing cold? I don’t want this kind of stress in my life!!
  2. You pick up the shampoo bottle and say “I’d like to thank The jury and everyone for supporting me!” What?! It’s not like anyone’s watching!
  3. Imagine you’re on an episode of Dancing With The Stars– shake that booty, think Beyoncé!
  4. You forget the towel outside! Oh my days! Now you’ll have to go out with water dripping everywhere- Lord have mercy if it happens during winters! Brrrr!
  5. You realise, the shampoo bottle is empty- scream for help or just use that body wash for now…the point is to get squeaky clean!
  6. You have shampoo on your head and realise “Great! Now I need to use the toilet!” Perfect timing!
  7. The most random thoughts- “Why are my feet so weird?”, “I wonder if Matt Le Blanc is like Joey in real life.”, “I wonder how many notifications I’ve missed on my phone in the last 15 minutes.”

And lastly if the shower is perfect, we just want to stay in there forever…sleep there perhaps. Haha! 
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