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Over-Sized? Nah, Just Perfect!


So what, if I like to eat junk or am fond of body hugging clothes with all that flab on me? So what, if men are attracted to my chubby self while women comment on how I need to cover myself up just because my hotness is over-flowing?


Gimme a break guys! I’m Over-sized, yeah. But I’m Perfect.

The human body is a standout amongst the most valuable instruments we have. It’s a multifaceted, unpredictable and solid life form; it tenaciously serves us day and night, yet we fail to realize what an absolute blessing it is.

For some reasons, we’re regularly more eager to listen to our brains than to confide in our bodies. We take after our brain with little delay, investing energy listening to its suppositions, its falsehoods, and its reactions. With regards to contemplating our bodies, be that as it may, we effortlessly let our psyches direct our discernments.


With all the Hadids, Kardashians and Jenners, existence of the beautiful healthy women has paled into insignificance, and whether or not we admit, we are all at some point in life, idolizing these skinny women out there. Well, we think body shaming is too mainstream, we need to cut it and start embracing our flaws. lets make being Plus-sized the new in!

If you’re Oversized and see perfection in it, here is what you need to do

  • Stop doing what they say, YOU’RE NOT A KARDASHIAN

While it might appear antique, halting body-disgracing begins with the acknowledgment that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and that couple of specific body sorts are overwhelmingly over-represented in the media. so stop thinking of what needs to be done to look like them, be yourself.


  •  KNOW your Body

On the off chance that we need to know how profoundly instilled body-disgracing has ended up, we can essentially swing to the routes in which we associate with our own particular bodies. We have figured out how to fear the mirror or, now and again, to feel distress when bare. We cease from investing energy investigating our body and therefore confine our comprehension of ourselves. know you body type, be proud of it.

  • Admiring beauty in every state  of mind

When we understand that we’re more than simply our bodies, we can start to relinquish a portion of the weights we put on them. The body is a solid vehicle, however it is not the sole medium through which we encounter life. Magnificence additionally originates from qualities, for example, amusingness, empathy, benevolence, insight. Admire beauty, dont disgrace it.

So, if you’re someone like me, chubby yet perfect, tell the world about it, WITHOUT Being ashamed. cuz well, you’re sexy and you know it!