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Most Good Looking Politicians Across The Globe


How often do we get to see some real good looking and charming male politicians around? The answer lies in the list below. Team Blush Works went on Politicians’ hunting just to prove that you can keep the charm and good looks and still be a politician. Must be an additional bonus. So here we go!

Tim Harris, South Africa

A politician with South African routes, Tim Harris literally looks like “the good guy” from an action movie.

He served the Parliament’s National Assembly but is now a CEO of trade and tourism in Cape town.

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, Canada

The present Prime Minister of Canada, is no stranger to anyone. And his looks aren’t the sole reason of his popularity.

Trudeau has been very vocal about his views on feminism and respect for all religions and has won the nation’s heart.

His soft features and sharp eyes are an additional plus in his personality.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed al Maktum, Dubai

The “Richie Rich” who helped make Dubai what it is today!

Hamdan looks equally smart in this “jubbah” as well as in the western attire. Besides having a heroic firm jaw and athletic built, which is attributed to his professional horse riding, the “crowned” prince is also popular for his poetry which he publishes by the name of “Faz’zah”.

Scott Kleeb, USA

Nope, he is not an actor from any “Cowboy series”.

Scott Kleeb (AP)

This handsome hunk is a politician from the US senate and is way better looking guy than most of the actors.

Imran Khan, Pakistan

And last but not the least! Our very own Imran Khan.

The main reason of his popularity in Pakistan and all over the world is him being a top cricketer of his time and has the honor of being the Captain of Pakistan cricket team when they won the World cup in 1992.

At present, he is the founder of a political party which is known to be the advocate of justice in Pakistan.

At the age of 64 Imran Khan is still the most good looking and charming politician in Pakistan who still has gotten zillions of ladies going head over heels for him, not just because of his looks, but also for his valour and zeal.

So these are the team Blush Works picks. Who else do you think deserves to be added in this list? Give us your feedback!