Hassan Tariq of Men with Panache gives some tips for keeping fresh and clean this season. 

Male grooming is very simple and the only demanding part is that it must be consistent. Nothing can come close to a healthy diet and a good night’s rest.   

This summer pay regular visits to the barber shop. Have clipped nails and maintain oral health (keep a spray and pair of fresh clothes with you at all times in the car). Also please banish those blackheads with nose strips. Use sunblock not only on your face but neck also. Make fitness routine part of your lifestyle. Top Model Jarrod Scott goes for jogging, hiking and biking. Ali Zafar has taken up Martial Arts recently. Ben Hill practices Muay Thai.

All this will be in vain if a regular skin regimen is not followed.

1. Start your day with a face wash that suits your skin. There are many that are available in the market according to your skin type.

 2. With the heat peaking each day it is not a bad idea to wash your face midafternoon (keep a pocket-sized one in your office) or spray your face with rose water for a fresh look. 

  3. Never under any circumstance go to sleep without washing your face. If you have combination skin you can use toner or cleansers, but if you tend to have oily skin use an astringent for that squeaky-clean look. 

 Also, it is not a bad idea to use beard oil after a bath for a moisturized look and wash your beards as you do your face.

And don’t forget to use fresh and citrusy scents for day and for evening with woody and floral notes. 

Remember, being presentable goes a long way. A basic hygiene/grooming routine to keep looking your best this summer is all you need.

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