Team Blush Works collaborated with Men With Panache, Naba  Mumtaz-Dyanoor and The Robe  (for Wardrobe), Fawad Saeed Photography, Rabea Naghman, Aba Syed, Hassan Tariq, Asad Tariq,Child Stars Daheem and Irtiza for a very special shoot for 14th August,  the independence day of Pakistan. (A very special thanks to everyone who was part of this shoot and specially those who worked behind the scenes; Maryam Fatima, Ayesha Liaqat, Abdul Wahab, Farhan Nazeer, Kainat Kamal)

14th August is a memorable day in the history of Pakistan, a day to rededicate ourselves to the sacred objectives behind the creation of Pakistan in the truest spirit of Jinnah’s teachings. This day teaches us the lesson that unity, solidarity and harmony in national affairs are the key to success. 

To create a new country in the environment we faced was truly a miracle  but to build it in the image of our dreams and aspirations is no less formidable a task. The challenge no doubt is tremendous. We have done it once and we shall do it again. A new vision is opening up before us, let us be steady in courage and clear in perception. We shall, one day, rule the world. Pakistan Paaindabad!

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