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How Ramadan is observed in The UAE


By Hanan Al Khaja 

Before Ramadan most of us distribute gift baskets and goodie bags to wish Ramadan kareem to all our good friends and family. In ramadan we like to spend our nights with our close friends and family. Usually we put outdoor tents and invite our friends for after iftar snacks. These gatherings happen not only after iftar but after the taraweeh prayer which usually is prayed in the mosques. In ramadan the men are not the only ones who go to the mosques for taraweeh, women of all ages tend to go too, which is why all the mosques get crowded and install extra tents for more praying space. The favorite part of our gatherings is the food. We have so many yummy foods that you see mainly in ramadan. They are mostly sweet dishes but there is savory finger food as well. 

Usually the daily routine is go to work, come home, pray, read the Quran, rest and then have iftar. So many restaurants offer buffet iftars but usually us locals stay home or visit family. After iftar we indulge in more food. Followed by praying Esha and taraweeh then go to our gatherings. Some of these gatherings drag on to the late hours of the night where we also have suhoor. If not, we go home sleep then wake up in time for suhoor. Ramadan Kareem!