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Healthy Eating Tips


Summer is over and all of need to get rid of that vacation weight we put on. In a smart way though. Here are some healthy eating tips to stay fit and lose the extra pounds. 
1. Eat Slowly: 

Many of us are guilty of eating in a rush. Take your time between each bite you take, that way your tummy will tell you when its had enough. 

2. Don’t deprive Yourself:

Don’t deprive yourself completely of something you really enjoy eating, that will only make you crave it more. Have everything in moderation. Keep one cheat day where you can eat without worrying.
3. Make sure you’re getting enough Sleep:

You need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Without it your appetite hormone increases and you crave sugary foods more. So ditch staying up all night immediately.

4. Make changes, gradually:

Its not easy to change your diet overnight. Don’t rush into it. Make gradual changes. Start with one meal at a time, if hurry having a heavy breakfast go for a something light for lunch. Don’t be under pressure to change everything immediately!

5. Healthy Swapping:

Start with smaller changes. For example: Full fat ice cream to frozen yogurt. Wholewheat bread instead of white bread. 

6. Don’t Skip Meals:

Skipping meals slows down your your metabolism. Don’t do it. Your metabolism is like a muscle – use it or you’ll lose it . When you skip meals your metabolism slows down, as a result when you do actually eat, your body stores the food as fat. #saynotoskippingmeals  

7. Exercise

Exercise every chance you get. If not daily then at least set three days in a week for it. Get off your lazy tush and get going! 

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