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Date Ideas for Couples with Kids


Okay, so here’s what you have to do, take time out of your busy routines and do something exciting together, leave the kids with their grandparents for a night or, hire a babysitter – just figure it out !!

Being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t do dates!

Hell, You can do ’em every day if you want to! (…or have the patience to!)

Go to The Cinema

Nothing better than watching a nice movie together, cuddling up with your better half and enjoying that popcorn 🍿 (Make sure you get couples’ seats) Well even if the film ain’t all that, at least you two get to spend time with each other.


This is probably on top of our list. Try a new restaurant- Who doesn’t like food 🙈 You don’t have to go to the fanciest place, choose a place where both of you can enjoy a nice candlelight dinner followed by a romantic long drive.


The weather is just ah-mazing during Spring, pack a picnic basket, go to the park and have a fun picnic for two. You’ll end up talking for hours and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Beach Date

Pack your swimming suits and sunscreens, nothing says date time better than a trip to the beach! A survey conducted recently showed that 70% of couples preferred going to the beach on a date over being indoors.

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