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Bollywood Glam Moms!


Being a mom is a 24 hour job. You are always on your feet with your kids around.

And this becomes even more tough if you are a working mom. Then you become a woman with super powers. Working by the day and being fresh and energized for your off springs when you get back.

And the real challenge is to take out time for yourself with this crazy routine. And to shed those pounds that you gained during pregnancy.

And what if your “job” is to look good, fresh and physically fit? Is that humanly possible? Heck yeah!

That’s what these Bollywood glam moms been doing for such a long time, keeping us moms motivated inspired and in awe <3.

Have a look!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

From becoming Miss Universe to Bollywood heart throb and finally a mother to a cute little daughter, the fans have seen all roles of Aishwarya and loved her throughout. And the truth is, she still looks gorgeous and lovely with a happy healthy 5 year old Aaradhya Bachchan. Way to go Ash!


Karishma Kapoor

Looking at this diva, it is hard to believe that she is a mom of two kids aged 12 and 7. With delicate features and even delicate physique, it is an achievement on her part to look this young and well maintained, even after 12 years of motherhood!

Kareena Kapoor

Following her sister’s footsteps, Kareena is also expected to rock the motherhood. Which, she already did, by being super active and energized throughout her pregnancy. And even after her son came into the world, nothing could stop Bebo from looking glamorous.

Madhuri Dixit

Besides having many great movies on her credit, the dancing diva must be given an additional credit to still look breathtakingly beautiful. Being a mom of two handsome kids aged 14 and 12, those years of motherhood couldn’t do any harm to the beauty and glam of Madhuri.


Shilpa Shetty

This Bollywood glam doll is also a mother of a 4 year old son, but can be conveniently mistaken for a college girl.


Well these are few of the many Bollywood glam moms that have managed to create a balance between their careers and motherhood. By looking in their lives, all the moms can be inspired to give due love to their kids but also take out time for oneself and never let anyone say this.