Bollywood and Hollywood stars reveal their favourite cheat foods

No matter how much great stuff we write about kale chips and quinoa salads, but this doesn’t mean that we will not consume chocolates even if they are to go straight into our hips. And our favorite celebrities aren’t any different.

The key here is to keep a balance between a strict diet and cheat foods.

For instance, Deepika Padukone is sucker for sugar. In her own words

“I am more of a baker. I’m very confident when it comes to desserts. My sister and I make a good team because she handles the main course and I take care of dessert. I can do cakes, cookies, brownies, nankhatai, all of it.”

We have prepared a list of the the Bollywood’s and Hollywood’s fittest celebrities along with their indulgences into food. This way you are not going to feel so bad next time you are ordering something yummylicious

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