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Asateer Tent Iftar Buffet- Review


Location: Atlantis, The Palm- Dubai, UAE

For Reservations Call on: 044260376

With a seating capacity of over 1000, the Asateer at Atlantis is one of the Top 5 places to go to for iftaar in Dubai. Highly recommended by foodies, the  Asateer tent is breathtakingly beautiful. It is lit by 700 hanging lamps and has a great ambience.But does Asateer really live up to all the hype and expectations? Specially when we talk about food? Sadly, no. Priced at 200 Dirhams per person, Asateer strictly  offers Middle Eastern food. And of course where there’s Middle Eastern food, there’s a live Shawarma Station. For me, the food was just like at any other hotel buffet, nothing extraordinary. The one thing I enjoyed eating was the Arabic Mixed Grill. 

The dessert table had a decent selection of Middle Eastern and Continental sweets. The Red Velvet Pastries are definitely a must have! I asked for Karak Chaye and I must say it was (Sadly) HORRIBLE. 

I’d definitely recommend the Asateer Tent to anyone that hasn’t experienced the place yet. Go there for the ambience but have low expectations when it comes to food. I wouldn’t go back unless someone else is paying for me!! 🙈

Price: 205 Dirhams per Person
Dress Code: Conservative

Where: Asateer, The Atlantis- Dubai