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A Few Steps to a Strong Family Bond!


We live in a world that is continuously pulling us from all directions. We have phones that associate us with friends and family, and in the meantime doesn’t let us disconnect from work.

We have jobs that bring us security and cash, however in the event that we’re not watchful, all of this can separate us from those in our homes.

We have kids who require help with homework, and car rides to and from extracurricular exercises. With such a variety of things requesting so much from us, how would we make quality time for those with whom we share our life?

Here are a couple of basic things you can begin doing today to assist reinforce your family ties at home:

Confine and Lessen Time with Electronic Gadgets

Smart Phones and tablets aren’t terrible, yet how we use them can wind up badly if we use them in abundance. Try to look for patterns in which your kids are using these devices. 

Be Concerned, Show Concern

Every time your child informs you about something clever he/she did at school, don’t simply give a “uh-huh” while you are busy. Look into his/her eyes and give a grin. It will encourage to open up more

More Physical Warmth

The Center for Brain Research at the Medical University of Vienna, found that embracing a friend or family member can lessen stress, dread and uneasiness.

We carry our own weights and stresses. Now and then all it takes is a long embrace or delicate kiss from the loved ones and it sends our brains a message that we are not alone in our lives.

Be Kind and Gentle

Someone shared this story with me. In her childhood, her mother asked her and her sister to be a “mystery buddy” to each other . She spent 7 days just observing her sister , regardless of whether they were doing regular things or sneaking a sweet treat into her sock drawer. It helped her and her sister to look outside of themselves and reinforced their solidarity as a family.

Plan Family Time

Take out quality time for each other. You can do this by assigning a specific night every week as “family night,” giving every kid their own particular night out in the city once a month, making dinnertime an important part of the day and not something you do at the end of the day. This will also help bringing all the family members together by being a part of different activities. It doesn’t make a difference what you do, as long as you end up doing some activity.

Most of us love their families, but very few of us want to invest time to make it better. It takes effort to make a great family.

So gear up and strengthen your family bonds, TODAY!!