8 reasons why your tummy always feels bloated

Some times there are days when we just can’t seem to beat that “blah” bloated feeling.

Its a commonly known fact that the foods and exercises reduce bloating. However the mystery of how you got bloated always keeps you puzzled.

Its frustrating and uncomfortable at the same time

Here are some of the possible reasons of why you feel bloated.


1. You’re eating loads of processed foods

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High sugar foods and salty snacks like chips, instant noodles and frozen dinners can throw out your natural gut flora, creating more fermentation. You’re damned if you eat too much fruit, and you’re damned if you don’t.

2. Poor gut health


“Too much or too little bacteria in your stomach can cause bloating,” advises Tuck. Add a probiotic to your diet and monitor the changes.

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3. You’ve eaten too much fruit

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Blame those natural fermentable fibres. Too many, and you’re on a one way train to a swollen stomache. Try and limit pears, apples and dried fruits if you’re feeling discomfort.

4. You’re intolerant to gluten

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Gut-swelling is a symptom of food sensitivities. “Notice how your body processes gluten and dairy,” says Tuck. Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity is a very real thing. If your bloating lessens when you’re not eating things like cheese and bread, by all means reduce the amount of dairy and gluten in your diet, just remember to replace them with nutrient-rich alternatives.

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5. You’re stressed out

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One of the best exercises for treating stress and, incidentally, a bloated belly, is yoga.

6. You’re eating too fast or too slow

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Eating when you’re distracted can really inhibit proper digestion. Sit down, ditch your phone for a minute and eat “mindfully” to give your body the best chance of processing your meal quickly.

7. Your dinner portion size was too large

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“Extra fatty red meats or creamy foods can still be digesting in your body the next day,” says Tuck. And that’s when the dreaded bloat starts sticking around. Opt for a high-fibre breakfast and up your water intake to speed up your metabolism.

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8. Lack of exercise

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“Movement is a great way to encourage digestion,” says Tuck. Hitting the pavement is one of the fastest ways to get rid of that I-feel-like-an-inflatable-pool-toy feeling.

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