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Sugar and Spice, Please Don’t Be Nice!!!


They all talk about short girl problems, tall girl problems, fat girl problems, skinny girl problems. But when will anyone ever address the problems we face? I mean the ever nice ever sweet girl problems? We are nice and we just CAN’T be mean!!!


Let’s admit it, you should be sugar and spice but definitely not nice!!!! Here are a few things all you nice girls will relate to:

1. Just because we don’t mind, doesn’t mean you can get on our nerves.


2. Stop taking advantage of our “never say no” nature

3. All you boys, we’re not leading you on, we just not like to use “fuck-off” very often!!!

4. You’re my enemy, I won’t say it… but can’t you just recognize the vibe?

5. Babe, my makeup ain’t free!

6. You’re sarcastic, I’m nice…please don’t push it!

7. I have mood swings too… it’s not only you who’s on your period!


8. Boy! you’re friend zoned, why don’t you understand that already!

9. We hear you out, why can’t we be heard? :/


10. To top it all… even mosquitoes seem to take advantage! Huh.


*Written by Kainat Kamal