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Blogger Spotlight: Reema Wali

blogger spotlight- Reema

Reema Wali is one blogger who is an inspiration to many. We love following her to keep up with the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. The Blush Works caught up with her recently to get to know more about this beautiful blogger.

The Blush Works: Tell us about yourself.

Reema Wali: It is a tad bit difficult to sum oneself up in a few words but in a nutshell I am a Pakistani- Canadian who moved to the UAE to live the Dubai dream along with my husband and our two year old boy. I am a graduate from York University in Toronto where I double majored in psychology and criminology. When I am not chasing around my toddler, I keep myself occupied through blogging and online content creation.

blogger spotlight- reema

TBW: Is blogging something you were always inclined towards?

RW: Originally I had started Instagram as a mechanism for keeping in touch with my family and friends overseas as a means of communication. Over time, I decided to take my random Instagram OOTDs to another level and hence started my blog. Now that I am further invested into this role as a blogger/digital influencer, I am more than satisfied with the challenges and rewards that this brings. Social media is such a powerful means of communication and as I am sure you know it often eclipses more traditional forms of media and marketing, and I am proud to be a part of this relatively new and evolving phenomenon.

Blogger Spotlight is reema

TBW: What inspires you?

RW:In terms of fashion, I am inspired by many factors. I am inspired by colours primarily and prints. If you are a minimalist, I am not the person to follow. I love different structures of clothing, along with different textures types of fabrics.

reema- blogger spotlight

TBW: One person that inspires Reema Wali.

RW: I don’t know if she classifies as a celeb status or not, but I am in love with Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. She is truly inspirational in every essence of the word. She is all about trends that women love and men hate. She pairs high fashion aesthetics with a comedic approach which can literally make you laugh out loud. I am so proud of her having launched her own line now, and I want/need EVERY SINGLE PIECE in my wardrobe.

the glamours reema
TBW: Three fashion accessories you think everyone should have.

RW:Three fashion accessories that I think everyone should have are a classic watch, perfect timeless flats, and your best smile.

spotlight- reema

TBW: Advice for upcoming and aspiring bloggers.

RW:The best thing about blogging is that it can literally be about anything and everything. Everyone jokes about how every other person is a blogger nowadays but that’s OKAY. The fact of the matter is that everyone should have their own niche. Find what you are passionate about, what styles YOU like and there are high chances that others will like the same. Rather than follow what everyone else is doing, focus on what you like and it will become a lot more enjoyable and rewarding for you. I always say be the reference, not the copy of the reference. There is a market for everyone, and competition is always healthy. Do not get boggled up with the numbers, because engagement is key.

By Kainat Kamal