Lara was born on the 6th of August 1971. She is married and mother of two sons. Her native language is
Arabic and she is fluent in English and French.

Lara completed her higher education in Hospitality Management in Switzerland at the L’Institut Hotelier
Cesar Ritz in Le Bouveret, Switzerland.

Lara is an experienced Television presenter and producer, fronting a number of shows on the Dubai
based English language satellite TV channel, In‐TV, including the Realty Show, the ArtiCulture show, In
the Know, Through the key Hole, The Yacht Show and The Hotel Show.

A few years later the channel became known as City 7 TV, where Lara hosted her show Societe and co
hosted the live daily morning show, City women. Societe was a show, which conducted one on one
interviews with top celebrities on a local and international level, including Hollywood, Bollywood and
Arab cinema. Lara has conducted over 2,000 interviews with top celebrities, business leaders and other
luminaries representing different sectors of society, industry and government.

Lara covered events such as the Dubai International Film Festival, the IFA awards, Dubai Air Show, The
Dubai World Cup (The Worlds richest Horse race), fashion shows, music concerts, Rugby 7”s, Amfar
awards, Arabian Travel Market, Cityscape, Arab Travel Market, Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions and
also covered opening ceremonies and launches of all kinds.

Lara enjoys modeling for leading bridal and fashion magazines. She has a great interest in photography
and the proof is in the thousands of photos she takes on her trips around the world.

Lara enjoys covering and promoting charitable organizations such as the Al Noor Handicap School and
Dubai Autism Centre. Lara enjoys shopping for fashion brands, listening to music, watching movies and
exploring different cuisines.

Lara attributes her dynamic personality and wide range of interests to growing up in a multi faceted
place such as Dubai, which represents a microcosm of all the very best that the world has to offer. Lara
considers Dubai as her real home and could not feel the same level of attachment to any other city in
the world.

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The Blush Works: Tell us about yourself and what you do.

Lara Tabet: I am originally Lebanese, raised in Dubai and married with two children. I have studied Hospitality management in Switzerland but I have pursued a career in Media and television. I have hosted several TV shows and have conducted approximately four thousand interviews with well known personalities from Arab Cinema, Hollywood and Bollywood as well as celebrities from the music industry and the world of business and finance. Currently, I am a member of the arab Fashion Council which hosts the Arab Fashion week twice every year in Dubai. I have created my own brand “Luxury with Lara” where I am Brand Ambassador for a number of high end luxury brands, such as Margys Monte Carlo, the wrold’s most luxurious skin care from Monte Carlo, Michael Bruggler, Bespoke Swiss Watches, Walid Atallah, a famous Lebanese Fashion designer and many more.

Most importantly, i am a freind of the Red Crescent Society, where we host awareness events to raise funds for our cause which is to provide medical assistance to people all over the region.

TBW: One person you would like to work with and why?

LT: I would love to wok with Jennifer Lopez who has been succesful in the worlds of Dance, Music, Movies and Television. She is devoted to what she does and I like her work ethic.

lara tabet2

TBW: Who/ What inspires You?

LT: I am inspired by people who make a difference. It doesnt matter what their age group is of where they come form. It seems to me that the younger generation is particularly able to create wholesale change through a combination of creativity and technology. I feel this trend is going to continue to change our world in many ways we have not iamgined before. This is inspiring and exciting at the same time.

TBW: Three Fashion Accessories you think everyone should carry.

LT: The three items I think are essential would be: Glamorous earrings, a fancy Clutch and a always a standout pair of shoes.

lara tabet3

TBW: Advice for others in the same industry as you. 

LT: Be passionate about what you do and strive for excellence, creativity and orginality.

TBW: Hashtag that describes you? 

LT: Positive, Energetic, Committed, Passionate and hard working.

TBW: Personal Motto.

LT: Never judge anyone before wallking a mile in their shoes. Treat others as you want to be treated.


By Naima Zahin

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