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Annoying Couples On Facebook


By Sana Khan

I cringe every time I come across couples declaring their love on Facebook. Don’t you like live together? Why do you have to make others uncomfortable?! Lol!  “I have the best wife in the world!” Good for you, go tell her that! If I see an update like that in my newsfeed, I immediately unfollow the person. Not kidding.
I compiled some of the funniest declarations of love by couples on Facebook! Enjoy!

1. Did I read that right? C**t Destroyer?? Lol!!

annoying things on facebook1
2. At least tell him before you post it! #awkward

annoying things on facebook2
3. Let him poop!!! 💩annoying things on facebook3

4. Get a room!!

annoying things on facebook4
5. Leave Abdullah alone!! 👻annoying things on facebook5

6. I love you more! No I love you more! Shut up already!

annoying things on facebook6

7. …..here we go again! It’s not a competition you know?

annoying things on facebook7

8. LOL!!!!

annoying things on facebook8

9. Get the popcorn, this is getting interesting!

annoying things on facebook9

At the end of the day its your choice, whether you wanna be cheesy on Facebook or spare everyone of this misery. But if you really wanna tell your partner you love them, send them a text!

Over and Out!

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