7 Reasons Why We Love Miss Meera Jee

Yes, you heard us right- this one is dedicated to the infamous Meera, a known celebrity in every desi household:  the actress never fails to amuse us with her manifold antics. Our fascination with Meera began a century ago (or so it feels).

1. Tweeting as @themeerajee

We actually learnt that her real name was Irtiza Rubab and NOT Meera Jee quite recently. You’ve got to love her for making “The Meera Jee”, a rather humorous connotation, her permanent identity.


2. Her Viral videos

Aahh well. It’s really no secret that we have probably not only seen all of them but have also shared and mimicked them incessantly (guilty as charged). We owe Meera for the countless laughs that she brings to our lives with all her naivety and her not so *cough* innocence *cough*, simultaneously.

3. Her very catchy and usable catchphrases

Cuz Googles can often tell us wrong things and that’s really not dispossible. We mean, Janu, don’t be upSAT, we will live soon. And, we will be the back after right short break. (You get the gist)

4. Kaun Banega Meera Patti

We were fortunate to have viewed one or two of the episodes from this reality show, and We still ask,  why we never took out time to watch the entire season! Honestly, who doesn’t want to spend their free time following Meera’s search for a perfect life partner?


5. The Badass Attitude

All jokes aside, we love Meera for her ‘tude’. She does not let ANYTHING get in her way. A gazillion leaked videos later, this superstar still carries herself with utmost confidence and allure. She does not feel pressurized to follow trends, heck, she has her own style (throwback to the time she came wearing something similar to sweat pants to this award function for a competition held in Lahore, FiLums 2011; meeting her is one of my fondest memories, which was enhanced by her saying: “Meri book zara wahan put ker dein”).  So haters can hate all they want but Meera Jee is not planning on backing down anytime soon.

meera gif

6. Her Heart of Gold

We read this article in the Express Tribune by Saadia Ahmed, which made us realize how there is so much more to Meera than what we see on social media. (See the image below for an excerpt of the article)

meera's english

7. Being the indisputable Queen Bee

And finally, We really don’t think that any of her other counterparts (no offence ladies) have proven to be any sort of competition for her. We foresee Miss Meera Jee enjoying undeniable reign over our hearts for times to come.

meera in sari


By Madiha Noor