5 Things You Should Know About Hair Removal At Home

We all struggle almost daily with unwanted hair but, thanks to the advancements in technology, we now have various ways to get rid of them in no time. Different procedures have been devised to get rid of unwanted hair which includes threading, hair removal creams and sprays and waxing.


Laser Hair Removal At Home

And it got even better when you can do this at home as well. There are many brands to choose from; Tria Beauty Hair Removal, Remington, etc

However, there are certain things that are needed to be known before opting for this procedure.

1. Understand you skin & hair type.

Always consult a trusted expert when opting for such sensitive procedures. Even if you plan to buy a laser kit for home, even then the consultation is crucially important since the type of skin and hair varies from person to person and might need a different type of treatment.

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2. Ensure sun-free time

Always opt for this procedure when you are sure that you can manage sun free time since the skin after the procedure becomes sensitive. Well, that includes tanning beds too.

3. Keep your skin clean and breathable.

That means no  makeup, night lotions or moisturizers can be used when going for this process since the skin needs to breathe and kept clean.

4. Stop waxing, start shaving!

Yes, you wouldn’t want you follicles be gone when you go for laser hair removal since that is the target for laser light. So it is advisable to shave a day or two before the procedure.

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5. Be patient!

Patience is an important factor when opting for laser. You won’t get all silky and smooth after first session. More prominent results will be visible after 6 to 8 sessions.

We do hope that this article was helpful for those who are planning to opt for laser hair removal. And we sincerely wish you a smooth and silky skin. XoXo


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