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10 Signs You’re From Karachi


By Kainat Kamal

Have you been living in the most populated city of Pakistan? Do you see “mazday” everyday and travel by them? Have you had enough “tafreeh” to tell your friends you love your city?
Well, if You’re a true Karachiite you can, most definitely, relate to the following signs. 

1. You keep your latesht ishtyle phone at home and carry a Nokia 3310 to avoid getting mugged.

2. Array bai, we have Student Briyani, who needs McDonald’s?

3. Barati in Karachi will never be on time, don’t marry a Karachiite if you’re an Islamabadi, your barat will reach when you’ve already slept!

4. Dolmen Mall is your place to get everything from groceries, shoes, clothes, makeup to phool pattay bootiyan, naswaar (Whatever floats your boat). You call your friends and say “Chalo Dolmen!” For Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, chaye…. Haye! (Bistra laga lo udhar yaar!)

5. You cringe when someone doesn’t speak proper Urdu! Because of course Urdu ke sahee rakhwalay Karachi walay hi toh hain!

6. Abay yaar! So many years since Independence yet still a “muhaajir”

7. When the shopkeeper asks, “Allay bhai! Kia challa ae”?

8. Ask who is Altaf Bhai and get kicked out of karachi! 

9. Sea View – ’nuff said!

10. Tou bhai… kesa dya?

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