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Spotlight: An Interview with Smita DeSouza


We sat down with Smita DeSouza, a Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty & Lifestyle Writer based in Singapore and asked her a few questions.

Who are you? 
I am someone who believes that the right skincare and lifestyle choices can have you looking great no matter what your age. I am someone who believes in the transformative power of makeup. I also believe that your flaws make you special.

What do you want to be known for?

Each time I do someone’s makeup, hopefully they feel confident and beautiful – and that’s something I would love to be associated with.

What makes you special?

I think what sets me apart is that I encourage women to accept what they think of as flaws while playing up their best features. Makeup is about being you, just better. It’s not about completely changing the way you look, and that’s the kind of makeup I strive to do.

Who is your fashion/beauty inspiration?

I don’t look to any one person for inspiration when it comes to fashion and beauty. Instead I am inspired by people around me. I love how Indian and Pakistani women can carry off colour both with their outfits and makeup. Similarly, South East Asian women inspire me to up my skincare game with their flawless, glowing skin. I try and learn a little from every place I visit.

When did you start writing/blogging?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Writing about makeup and skincare has always been a passion and I was lucky enough to turn it into a career at magazines like Femina, ELLE and Grazia in India and GlamAsia.com and Expat Living in Singapore.

I also share this enthusiasm for beauty on my blog The Beauty Desk. I started writing at The Beauty Desk last year to share personal tips and stories about what worked for me – and I hope that it will help other women out there too.

Advice to bloggers?  

Just keep at it. Good things take time.


(Smita is a blogger, writer and a freelance makeup artist based in Singapore,Follow Smita on Instagram at: @smitadesouza)