This workout kept Lisa Haydon looking HOT during her pregnancy

The proudly pregnant Lisa Haydon Lalvani is on the cover of Love Your Body issue. In between showing off her glowing skin and baby bump in the season’s hottest offerings, in a recent interview she gave an insight into her maternity style, workout regime and more…

The one look you find easy to pull off during your pregnancy

Black leggings from American Vintage. I bought them in a size small but they stretch to fit as you shapeshift. The hardest part of pregnancy dressing is finding stuff to fit your hips. The tummy is obvious but the hips not as much. I pretty much lived in Zimmerman dresses and swim suits the first half of being pregnant. Now, in the final trimester and that too in London, it’s thigh-high boots with a small heel, or flat boots. I’ve got these black Gucci fur slip-on flats that have also been amazing and super comfy. It’s taken a while to get the hang of dressing right. Wearing fitted clothes is also an option. I’ve been preferring to wear slimming black. On top, I usually wear cashmere sweaters, loose blouses and over-size denim jackets.

Whats your pregnancy workout regimen

The first trimester I did nothing. I think with the first baby one is always more cautious. Plus I was working and filming until I was 5 months pregnant, so I had no energy to work out after the shoot. In my second trimester, I did Ballet Beautiful workout — you can find them on YouTube.  They are mostly all floor exercises. I can’t do much for core toning, so keeping my bum and arms toned has been the focus. Around 6 months in, I started to mix up the Ballet Beautiful workouts with high resistance cross training for 20 mins, as well as SLT machine Pilates. Now in the final trimester, I’m probably working out four times a week as opposed to six — that’s all the energy I have.

One movie which instantly lifts your mood


Right now it’s Bad Moms with Mila Kunis. My husband rented it on Apple TV like ten times because I can only watch 15 minutes of it before I doze off. And I’ve watched it multiple times. It’s a running joke now in our family when “Preggers” is having a bad mood, we put Bad Momson.

Favourite cheat meal

Chocolate. Something’s never change. Peanut butter has also been a big feature recently. I like to have chocolate granola for breakfast with whole milk and a big spoon of peanut butter in it. Or gluten-free bread with peanut butter and honey.

One indulgence during your pregnancy

I get a lot of massages. And I’ve been on quite a few beach trips in the last few months. My motto, out of frustration, was – “if nothing fits, don’t wear it”. The beach was a good place to be, at that point.

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